Lessons Learned

I may not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be 🙂

Thank you 2014. Thank you heartbreaks, teary nights, silent cries, starless sky, hollow gaze and endless contemplation. Thank you Limbo. Thank you, you.

  1. If you start it sincerely with no intention, any possible outcome will deliver you to the good side.
  2. If you love yourself and be grateful everyday, you would not lost yourself.
  3. Keep counting your blessings instead of your worries, you will enjoy life no matter what.
  4. Master the art of observing. People may not answer your questions literally but their actions always tell everything you need to know. Pay attention to little unconscious details.
  5. You see things. You keep calm and you understand. Patience is a trained skill. Not a free gift.
  6. Only those who truly care for you can hear when you’re quiet. They listen to you all the time, even your silent heart.
  7. It is not your job to make someone better. It’s their choice.
  8. Real character shown when dark times come. Watch carefully. Analyze safely and react logically.
  9. Integrity outshines insecurity. Integrity is your compass, your anchor, your root. You would not drifted and lost no matter what.
  10. Faith surpasses fear.
  11. Your value does not decrease just because someone failed to see your worth.
  12. You cannot expect everyone to behave as nice as you are to them. Keep being nice and know that you can refuse to be disrespected.
  13. Value someone by how they spend their time and their money. Their priorities are shown clearly.
  14. Sometimes you outgrow certain people. And it’s okay. It is not your job to fix or to repair them.
  15. True love can never be lost. If they say they lost it, because it was just a feeling for them. They does not understand what love is.
  16. Soulmate is not always the one you grow old with. Life partner is a choice. Pick wisely, logically, wholeheartedly.
  17. How to find a right man? First, be a right woman. I want my son to look up to his father. Role model, hero, and Imam.
  18. Life is just a terminal. Between arrivals and departures. Trust The Almighty. He’s always on time.
  19. If you invest in people’s heart, you invest in yourself. They may lost it, but you should not lose yours.
  20. The thing about losing is that it comes out of two possible reason. One, because you unconsciously put it away. Two, because you unconsciously never take care of it. That’s why you should lose it because it’s better in other’s people possession, it’s taken care better in many ways, but not yours.
  21. Obedience is an act of faith. Keep rowing no matter where the stream goes and you may not end where you want but you end up where you are meant to be.
  22. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. Hurt people will hurt another people. Break the cycle.
  23. Forgive yourself before forgiving others. How to forgive yourself? Be grateful and be careful for what is given to you.
  24. Be like a tree. Even if people throw stone to harm you, drop the fruit to benefit them. Always. Always.
  25. Compassion is what you give, compassion is what you shall receive. Love your Creator first and you will love yourself and you will love other. Even better, you will love life.

Thank you Almighty.

For staying there beside me all this time.
Thank you Father, for the love.
Your will be done. Not mine..

I may not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be.

Hello, 2015.
365 days, 365 new chances.

Surprise me!


– i –



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