I Found You, Father

Do we really understand the difference between faith and religion?

I have faith in God. I do believe in One and Only God. To me, it is a personal thing that every one established within oneself. What I do not believe is the man-made and then passed along tradition called religion, that makes human distinct themselves one another, or even worse, disrespect and mistreat one another.

Twenty five years of living, and I finally find my answer.

Bring me closer to You, God, in every way… Your way…” I pray for it every time I wake up in the morning. It’s a remembrance that I have to be more sensitive, because the answer of my prayer could be there, anytime, anyhow, anywhere. I believe everything is happened in God’s way, it’s the Divine Intervention.

I grew and nurtured in christianity. But that does not mean I blindly accept the concept of christianity. I want to find my own way and then I started reading. I read everything. I traced back history to the beginning, the day of the creation. I read holy scriptures from different point of views. After years of searching, I found my answer as I finished reading Holy Koran and Holy Bible. I found the way of life to be closer to God. I found the way of living that I want to follow. The way of life to be the closest to God. I found the living example. Of all human being I know, there is only one man, because of his faith, being in a close and intimate relationship with God, called God as Father. No other man did that. And the way this man lived his life had shown the ultimate obedience. Being in total surrender for whatever happened in life is in his father plan, and it is for the best. No other man did that, but him. No other man lived that way, but him. No other man is as close to God as a son to his father, but him.

There, I found it. I found the way.
Gospel or Injeel is the closest way to God.
And I choose to follow him, the way he lives.

I believe in One and Only God, my heavenly Father.
I follow the way Jesus Christ lives.
Always been.
And always will.



“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saves a wretch like me. I was once lost but now I found. Was blind but now I see…”


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