Go On

“Why are you keep on doing this Amygdala?”

I don’t know. I just do

“But you are hurt. Please, don’t hurt yourself.”

It’s because I have high hopes on him. He kept on failing my hopes, but I never fail to hope in him.

“You need to kill it.”


“Yes. Kill yourself. Or kill him.”

Why should I?

“Because you accept the love you deserve.”

Love has no reason

“Yes, and someday, someone will love you with no reason as GOD loves you all this time.”

Someday is a code for never

“Never say never.”

Yeah whatever

“Put your agony to an end. Kill it Amygdala.”

I need new shoes.

“What for?”

What I know best. Run.

“Go On”

– i –

Just because you are cold heartless numb human being, you don’t get to treat people who loves you like they’re heartless too. Lesson learned! Compassion. Compassion. Compassion.

Let go.
Let’s go.
Go On.


Featured Image : Clover Field by Masahiro Makino


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