(A letter for You)

Dear You, O Divine..

I am writing these words down driven by my love to You. I do. You were there. You are there. You will always be there.

These twenty five years, You are always beside me. Your Divine interventions were my strength to go day by day. I am who I am today because of You. Through thick and thin. You had given me a life full of blessings. And forever I am grateful for every thing that happened in my life. You wiped my tears and fears away. You gave me strength every time I cried Your name. You are my sanctuary, my refuge, my all-ears. My life is all Yours. I surrender, in Your Divine plan for me.

I want to find about You more and more. My soul needs You. My heart lingers for Your presence each and every day. I just want to be close to You. In every way. With no hesitation nor the justification of other human being on proclaiming my faith to You.

I believe in You. I do not believe in humans. Some claimed they know You more than anyone else do. Some claimed humane scriptures as holy using Your name. Some claimed their righteous way of living and put a label for it, religion. Some compared themselves to other human beings. Some even judge and plant hatred in their mind for different views and rituals of praising You. O Divine, how shameful human should be. I wonder and wander every now and then, finding You more and more. If humans do know You, their love for You should conquer all the hate they planted in themselves. The more I bring myself closer to You, the more I am aware that I am nothing. And You are everything. Human, mortal, flesh and blood, sinful being, should bow down to You, O Divine. Why do human keep on judging each other, hurting each other, looked-down to each other just by their different point of view in You? Shouldn’t humans be more humble and be more compassionate to each other because every one of us is finding their own way to get closer to You? These rituals that humans do, purely driven by their love for You. Some raise their voice singing, some dance their way in trance, some meditate and live selfless life, some do pray five times in a day, some devoted celibacy, some do altogether and it’s all because of one reason, their love for You. And when they do these rituals they believe will bring them closer to You, they will find peace. Yes, inner peace. Because they surrender, to You, only.

And that is what I am going to do. My faith for You will bring me peace. A peace in praising You, in proclaiming my faith to You, in doing my rituals to bring myself closer to You. Because it is for You, One and Only. I do not need human recognition or justification. It is Your recognition of me, the nothing-being, that I am aiming for.

O Divine, I believe one day all these question will find the answers. Everything happened for a reason. Your Divine reason. One day all these humane-intrigued-conflicts in rituals and religion will find its Divine Truth and that everything happens under Your Divine plan.

Thank You for the life You gave me. I have been abundantly blessed and I should live my life as a blessing to anyone. For anything in my life is all Yours and let me live it in a way I belong to You. Let Your will be done, not mine. Thank You for everything O Divine.

For everything speaks Your name. Everything is Yours and Yours only. Let me remember You in everything I see, I meet and I deal everyday in my life. The sun. The moon. The earth. The galaxy. The people. The feelings. The emotion. Everything. May it bring me closer to You more and more each day. In every word I speak, in every thing I do, in me living life, may it for You and You only.

Peace is what I feel everytime I praise and worship You. I know it’s You. It’s always been You all this time.

You were there. You are there. You will always be there. In any kind of way.
I am nothing. You are everything.

Unconditional Faith Obedience

I love You.
I do.

– i –

The title of the letter was inspired by the song U.F.O by Coldplay. The acronym stands for Unconditional Faith Obedience was a personal interpretation.

Lord, I don’t know which way I am going. Which way the river gonna flow. It just seems that upstream I keep rowing. Still got such a long way to go. Then that light, it’s Your eyes. I know I swear we’ll find somewhere the streets are paved with gold. Bullets fly, split the sky. But that’s alright sometimes sunlight comes streaming through the holes.


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