Because everything happens for a reason.


They say, “Some people come into your life as a blessing, while others come into your life a lesson.

I say, “Some are both. A blessing for a certain amount of time. A lesson for a lifetime.

You are both 🙂

A blessing for two years and a half. For that period of time, where two human beings could give care to each other unhesitatingly, beyond boundaries. I was always being myself and you always accepted me the way I am. You were always being yourself and I could accept you the way you are. Reciprocal trust. Reciprocal feeling. An equal to each other. No hidden agenda. No “I told you so”. No patronizing. We were free. We were following our hearts that time. We laughed. It was a period of “us”. Until it was time for us understanding that the feeling we had were not enough to build a life together. I could still remember how tight you hug me and then we cried in silence. Because we both know, it was time for us. I felt your heart were aching as much as I do. And there was nothing we could do to ease other pain. And nothing we could do to fight it. It was real. It was deep. And for everything, I am really grateful. For that brief of time, you were My Smiles and I was your Little Heaven. I feel blessed every time I listen to John Mayer’s Continuum and I see white lily flower for it speaks “It’s heavenly to be with you”. And I kept these blessings in a part of memory, for a moment of time I was loved by someone. Thank you.

A lesson for a lifetime. A lesson about knowing myself even more of what I need. It was exactly what you had gave me. An equal. You never interfere in the way I proclaimed my faith and the way I pray even though we were different. You were there listening to my every problem and every cry without trying to repair me. You were just sitting next to me. You set me free doing anything I enjoy doing and you enjoy watching in silence. You never judge. You never push me to the boundaries. No hidden agenda. You were always there. Until it was time for us to parted ways. And because of that I know what I need. Someone equal. And I will pursue it. I keep this lesson in mind, for a lifetime I shall meet what I need. Thank you.

We were not meant to last. But it was real. And it was deep.

Indeed, I wrote this down while your favorite song, Deep by Binocular was tuning in my ears.

And I am happy you achieved what you were hoping for. Be good, be better, be great.

I will always say loudly in my mind every time I remember you, the phrase you once told me.

I wish you well…

Thank you for the blessing and the lesson.

Happy 24 of July.

Happy Birthday.


– i –

Featured Image : Never Miss A Chance To Dance by Kimberly Chorney


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