Pixie Dust

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Come in a rush, a fire named lust

Burn to ashes, burn to dust
Still in a rush, should not lose the trust

Ashes is ashes, dust is dust
All they ever need is pixie dust


This is a midnight plea for YOU. Please, intervene…. divinely. End this agony…..

For the warmth, the safe, the heart, the refuge, the sanctuary, the protection, the love, the place to rest, the hope of a better tomorrow.

For all questions should meet the answers
For all tears should meet the reasons
For all hurts should meet the lessons
For all dreams should meet the truth

For all who is lost in translation, may find way….home…

Please do.
I beg You.

All I/it/they ever need is pixie dust……

– i –


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