The Star of Dayu

Draw me stars.” said DYP, a photographer, an acquaintance I knew from my best friend, MWD to me on a random day, at a random coffee shop. It was our first meeting. I was doing my daily doodle when he made a request for a drawing over a casual conversation.

Intrigued and challenged, I picked up my pen and start sketching while I asked him questions. To me, drawing is personal. When they ask me to draw for them, I do it wholeheartedly. I fired up personal questions for him. Favorite things, siblings, dreams, aspirations, inspirations, strengths, weakness, desires, regrets, and many other issues. It was his answers that led my pen on the paper. Fifteen minutes later, rough draft of The Star of Dayu was initiated. The smile on someone’s face when I explained the meaning of the requested drawing was enlightening to me. He made a plea to convert it into digital artwork. And so, I did.

The Sketch of Bintang Dayu

The Star of Dayu (Digital)


The Star of Dayu | Bintang Dayu

A composition of star that was actually formed out of pieces of three stars represented DYP was the oldest son, the first of three, in hope to set an example for his youngest siblings. DYP is the core star in the middle. The arrows of symmetrical pieces of other stars were drawn pointed inward the core star represented that he, himself, was built with those whose light guided his way all this time, and one of the most influencing person is his mother. The core star drawn in shape of jewel in three-d form represented he is on his way to shine, in his own way. 

As I said before, to me, drawing is personal. When they ask me to draw for them, I do it wholeheartedly.

Two weeks later, DYP decided to have The Star of Dayu inked permanently onto his body.

Bintang Dayu

And it shines. Brightly.


I am running out of words to describe how I feel when I see my drawing on someone’s body. Permanently. 

Thank you DYP, for the trust you gave me in my drawing.

Now, go shine, Mister!



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