Two Hours Without Ego

Seconds to minutes to hours to days.

You have no power over time. No you don’t.

 The only thing you can control in time being, is you, yourself. 


(In rhetorical ambient with Two Hours Without Ego – Modern Institute as a soothing company)


Let it go.

n ego [ˈiːgəu, ˈegou]

n egoismegoist

adj egocentricegoˈisticegoˈistical 

The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.

The division of the psyche that is conscious and thinks which interested in oneself only.



Every once in a while, you are permitted to hit the pause button. To look at your life.

Human, a social creature, intertwined by strings one another.

Some say it’s been destined. Some say it’s by choice.

I say, it’s a blessing. A continuous blessing..


Put aside the ego for a while. Put aside the self.

One shall see how one is only a minuscule living being in this universe.

And it leads to gratitude.

One shall cherish one’s life.

One shall be filled with thankfulness for everything.


I do.
For a dubious thinking brain, the conscience, the insight and all those silent dialogues.
For the endless-loving family, the arguments, the tattletales and the reason to go home to.
For once-in-a-life-time decisions, the fear and the hopes of moving forward.
For the chemistry shared, burst and enhanced through relationships.
For those emotional episodes, the trust, the ache, the dependency and the love.
For a beating heart.
For a vigorous faith.

I’m not me without you. 

Thank you.


Seconds to minutes to hours to days.

I have no power over time. No I don’t.


Let it go.


Just let the ego, go….




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