It keeps me alive.

It surrounds the earth, the atmosphere. It is invisible. It is unsubstantial. It is light. It surrounds and influences. It flows. In harmonized chorals and psalmody, it bears the tune in harmony.

It keeps me alive.

It is you.

You kept me alive.

The pouring rain was an invitation for Amygdala, an energy for her to revalue her existence. She has synergism with the raindrops and  full moon, they shares secret code to unravel the buried emotion that concretely appears in form of streaming tears. Leading to undeniable fact that she is alive. And the one thing that kept her living the life she has is this thing that people called, Love, isn’t it?

The Air Of Amygdala

 (A compilation of twelve songs in which melody and words she handpicked personally, emotionally)

All I have, all I need, you’re the air I would kill to breathe. Hold my love in your hands, still I’m searching for something. Out of breath, I am left hoping someday I’ll breathe again.

I let her embraces me, because I need her.

Because I am her.

I am Amygdala, and I need you, my air.


– i –


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