A High Definition Dream

It was a calm evening. She just got back from her daily doses, her contemplation, her runaway. She claims herself an urban but decided to live in a particular suburb, where green and blue are the dominant colors in sight. She rides a bicycle, a commoner with customized paint and a light bell. There is no garage, since it won’t be needed due to her celibacy for motor engine vehicles. She fancies public transportation, train is her favorite ride. Where one stays exactly in a travelling spot between illuminated surroundings with strange faces in varied emotions. Yes she loves it, especially when music tuned in her ears and the rest of the world somehow collaborate rhythmically with the melody. 

It was her darling that welcomed her on the door, a four legged named Caesar, preferably a Pug, or Shar Pei or an English Bulldog. It was a he, a loyal company on morning jog and lazy Sundays. Sleeps next to her, listens to her cries and laughs even her babbling talks and never whine whatsoever. As she entered her humble home, she ritually spent her time in her ‘zone’. A cubicle, painted and repainted personally by her, modified and embellished with her own bare hands. Piles of books, cut off papers, beads, strings and ribbons and everything you can find. Name any color, you will find it there. This is her Zen. Her studio, where her heart is. She’s never a techie but she has great devices when it comes to music. She kept her stuffed string instruments in order, mandolin, banjo and other guitars derived are apples of her eyes. She does not play those strings but she enjoyed the sound they made. She loves black and white notes. Her fingers dance upon those keys. Her piano is there in the special corner, a family heritage that had been there through thousand of songs and chants and hymn. A magical companionship. Still in this cubicle, she has this gadget that could alter timbre of sounds. To color the sounds somehow, music that creates an atmosphere that puts the listener into a different state of mind. Ambient. She has lots of songs and she herself categorized it based on her kind of genre. In this cubicle, time stops, she will lost herself and found herself there, again.

She has large windows, glass walls through which she stargazes and observes as the leaves are changing color. Autumn is always her season. She finds serenity in rainy days, watching the raindrops as if the nature whispers and unlocked her feelings through those drops of water. Her house is full with color, the slouchy sofa is dark red, the wooden floor and panel has dark brown streaks. She has stuffs all over from her travelling times, oh yes she’s a frequent traveler. Her favorite souvenir is the light metal folded canvas lamp that she bought in Morocco and ethnic traditional cloth from her blood lines North Sumatra, Ulos in her living room. The walls are full with pictures, photos that captured moments, emotions and laughs, not just some plain old poses. Her priceless piece will be that photo when she and her family in happy time, that one time, on a speed boat to Pattaya, wet hairs, sunglasses, a silly smiled father, a grinning mother and a laughing little sister.

An orderly bookshelf is her pride. From Roald Dahl’s Mathilda to Malcolm Caldwell’s What The Dog Saw even Bharatayudha. Her life events shown through her books, her ups and downs, the ones that provoked her mind and conspired her logic. The ones that burn her fiery spirit in lifelong journeys. Life of Pi and it’s Richard Parker. The history of philosophy and other secrecy. Her journal of thought, her scribbled handwritten papers. Her writings, her flight of ideas.

It was one of her favorite ambient songs that tuned that evening, Faint Dazzlings by Ametsub. The stoves are on, she steamed some chinese dishes. She had handpicked movies, DVDs, the theme was medieval, she got Braveheart and Kingdom of Heaven. She was waiting, she had been waiting for……

….ah, there it was, that knock on the door.

She smiled, afterwards. He’s on time.


This is a piece of dreams. Her dream. Highly defined in high definition.

She is high. Definitely high.















– i / is / she – 


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