She Dreamed Of Paradise.

I know it may sound cliché, but it is what it is.

Life without purpose is lifeless and the way to find the purpose of life is  nevertheless by living the life itself.

 What I want in my life? These… I want to be happy. I want to love and to beloved. I want to give hugs and be hugged. I want to travel around and share smiles to strangers.  I want to be free, from anger, fears and worries. I want paradise.

Paradise (pairidaeza) is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. It is conceptually a counter-image of the miseries, and there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness.

I’ve only been around for twenty two years. There are times when I thought I got this all figured out. I thought I knew but I had no idea at all.  

After I read this definition for multiple times, I started to notice there are some keywords there. Existence and concept. And there, I found it.  Paradise is a concept where I choose to exist in positivity and harmony, to counter misery, where it leads to peace, prosperity and happiness.

Yes, paradise is a state of being. A choice. A way to see the big picture.

To make peace with life itself, is paradise.

I dreamed about it. And the moment my eyes were opened, there’s nothing I want to do more but to pursuit the dream itself. Paradise. And that’s a promise I keep to myself. My life is my paradise.

And for you, I hope you find one too.   🙂

A sweet inspiring melody, Paradise by Coldplay


When she was just a girl, she expected the world. But it flew away from her reach so she ran away in her sleep. And dreamed of  paradise, every time she closed her eyes. Life goes on, it gets so heavy. The wheel breaks the butterfly. And so lying underneath those stormy skies, she’d say, “oh, I know the sun must set to rise” 

  i –


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