Life Is Crystal Clear

I remember, in my memory, crystal clear.

Those days when I listened and talked about what life is.

Those days when I listened and agreed there should be no room for anger

Those days when I listened and witnessed how extra miles could brought us beyond our belief.

Those days when I listened and I saw how pure a promise someone made to himself and how tremendous someone’s effort to keep that promise unbroken.

Those days when I listened and I believe in he whose life unconsciously had inspired others.

and then came those days, crystal clear.

When I saw him cracked and then slightly choked on his orbit. When I saw him lose his temper and ending up damaged people collaterally. When I saw him almost gave up in his fight to reach his dreams. When I saw him tempted to unchained the beast inside of him. And when I heard him losing faith in himself, losing faith in his life, losing faith in his good side.

Movement is constant and change is inevitable. For life has its ups and downs and The Almighty kept those in secrets, because it is His divine work. His divine interventions. If you predict anything you will lose the feeling of awe, of Someone, Something wonderful out there that loves you and understands you endlessly.

The past has made you the man you are now, and now is the time to make the man you are going to be in the future. You know what you have to do. You need no one to tell you or to prove you right. You have this voice inside your heart. You know it.

Those days will come, when you back on your feet again.. Those days will come when you realize that everything has its divine purpose. Those days will come, I believe. Crystal clear.


Ask me, debate me, argue me.

I know you will be better. And I will be around.


“Aren’t we think with the same separated hemisphere, KidLoco?”



-i- (kiddo)

Jakarta, Oct 7th 2011, 5.35pm


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