Money Makes The World Go Around, Not Einstein #2

Welcome to the second part of “What makes the world go around is money”. I’m glad you spent a little of your time reading my writing. I hope I provoked your mind.

We had reached a point that it is an inevitable fact that Einstein’s, Newton’s and others way of thinking are steps of the ladder to next big thing. It takes enormous effort to take a step further than before. It takes everything. It needs everything, time, dedication, passion, and the irrevocable thing, money.

I asked “How come?” hundred times before I decided to publish this. My mind was simply provoked when I saw a movie, titled “Wall Street 2” played by Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf and Carrey Mulligan. I recommend you to go see the movie but do not get trapped inside the drama and the money flows. No. You have to see the bigger picture behind it. The whole damn picture.

There’s this quotation “Money is not everything but surely everything needs money.” and day by day it’s proven to be right. Look around you right now. Just think about how you kept your money well-spent. Then try to merge it with the obligation of human life to move forward. Let’s put this frankly. We don’t have enough oil reserve, they cut down trees to make more factories which cost us more energy and today, some people tried to find alternate energy resource, the unlimited one, sun. Yes, solar energy is the current mystery box. The next big thing.

It takes billions, zillions of money to run a research about this solar thingy. And let’s be honest, if there’s a stranger stops you in a street and asks you to give him some donation for solar science project, would you give him some of your well-spent money? This question may pops in your head “What’s in it for me?” See, sometimes we’re dictated hypocrite by money. Because everything needs it, and we set priorities where the money goes. Simply, bills, taxes, healthcare and school fee made to the top of the list above donate solar energy research.

People with excessive amount of money play an important role. These Richie Rich(s) may put their money excess in stocks, shares and interests. Brokers in stock market try to offer number of companies that need money to run their project. Those people with their money on the bucket chose the company which they think have the brightest prospect, which can bring them back their money the next ten or twenty years in doubled perhaps tripled amount. They only invest in companies that made the most money in the future. And what would you think? A company that runs researches for solar energy will stand a chance in the stock market? Are they promising enough? They invest because the greediness of wanting more money, not because noble purpose for a better future. Again, hypocrite dictated by money.

I think I’ve made myself clear that what makes the world go around is money. The concept of our future, the next step ladder is in the brain of the scientists. But, the realization of it, the modality to climb on the next step ladder rested on the hands of the money-handlers.


Did I provoke your mind?

I hope I did.




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