Money Makes The World Go Around, Not Einstein #1

This is a two-part piece of writing, you need to finish the first part before reading the second one.

I know the title is rather controversial, but let me tell you I am not a money-oriented person. Later you will find out why I think this way and how I lead you to the final conclusion of my thinking.

I suggest you to stop doing everything for a while, and take deep breath. You probably want to close your eyes and count to ten. After that, open your eyes slowly and take a deep look at all around you. The light of the electric bulb inside the lamp, your favorite mobile phone, iPod, and iPad, perhaps.

Albert Einstein

What you saw are the updated end-products, the fruits of genius mind of our holy ancestors. Let’s thank Newton, Einstein, Edisson, Graham Bell, Da Vinci and every other inventor, every other scientist that made their way into today’s encyclopedia. They did tremendous job. I can never imagine being in their shoes. It was surely a gift and also a curse to have a mind that belongs to the next century. Their brains work somehow for their offspring. Their body exists static but their mind travels way beyond time that actually proven to be right and useful decades, centuries ahead. They did plant the seeds of their thinking and they did not have the chance to harvest them. They died with curiosity, wonder if their inventions ever gonna work someday. We gave them dignity when these inventions worked for us.

But I can imagine their life is not as easy as we think because of their brain. It was a curse being genius while others failed to follow their stream of thought; therefore they were accused crazy, lunatic and trash-talking. Society excludes them. Due to this statement, it’s not impossible that people around us today, that we called crazy, lunatic and trash-talkers are the next Einstein or Newton. And they are going to harvest their fruits of mind in the next decades or centuries, while we fade with no memory. You might laugh on this particular person because of their passion of extraordinary things, but next thing you know, your great-grandchildren are being taught in school with subjects that this person you laughed on invented. Funny heh?

So, we have reach a point that the world grows, the technology expands due to the complicated genius mind of our ancestors. Einstein, Newton and others are steps of a ladder to better future. You may proceed to the next piece of this writing that concludes what makes the world go around is money.

Did you just say “what the hell?” or “what is money had anything to do with Einstein’s brain?”

Good. I provoked your mind.




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