Chapter#1 : Evolving

Evolving. Changes occur in your life. Do you think that definition fits the idea? I don’t think so. So let’s define one.

I did change during my whole life, both concretely and abstractly. Few of those changes were my decision. Is it proper to use the term “evolving” for something that I decide by myself?

These amazing theories were confusing me. Evolving supposed to be changes that occurred naturally. In addition, to make one survive, and it was happening subconsciously. Then, question arose. If I can make myself decide these changes that I want, did I successfully evolve? Even just for a simple minute?

I’ve been through a lot in my not-so-special life. It’s not special, but it is meaningful. Those journeys about finding the acceptance for who we are, is my definition of evolving. Whether these journeys are reversible or not, they did change you. Don’t get yourself misunderstood. They are not responsible for changes that happened in you. You still own the highest power. You still hold the steering wheel. That brain and that inner soul, were not made for nothing. They are your weapons to survive this bumpy ride called life.

I did what I considered to be right. Let others mind their own business.

One can judge if one is changed or not. But surely, one can afford changes and do them for reasons.

Evolving. Journey(s) to find the meaning of your being, to reach the acceptance for who you are.

Is it even an acceptable definition? I guess might be.

You? Your call.


May 2007



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