I Spell Out Your Name At The Eiffel Tower

Paris, Oct 15th 2010.



you must be very lucky, we’re only three minutes away from Eiffel.

oh, really?

yep. be ready, be ready, be ready, boom!

(silence, holymolly good god)



it was breathtaking. she is very beautiful.

raindrops started to fall from the dark starry sky

touched both of my eyelids and all of a sudden, with my eyes closed, i saw them.

whose blood runs through these very veins. my family.


and i whispered their names, embroidered with tears and prayers.

yes, one day, i will be here, again, with them.



why do you cry?

because i once imagined spending this moment with my special ones.

you’re here with me right now.

yes i am.

and I did spell out your name at this place, last summer, Kak Indah..



The Almighty never falls asleep. He hears everything.

I spell your name at The Eiffel Tower. I’ll see you soon.







An epic conversation with the loveliest sister ever, Taritha Sari. An emotional piece, written with “Life On Earth” by Band of Horses tuned in my ears. Dedicated to My Ompungs, My Parents, My Sisters, My Bestfriends. (I did mention all your names.)


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